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            [四川師范大學 研究生院]  [手機版本]  [掃描分享]  發布時間:2020年5月20日



            Digby Wren 

            Deakin University (Melbourne, Australia) Visiting Scholar at Sichuan Normal University Chengdu China (SNU) and  visiting lecturer at Soochow University Taipei Taiwan, teaching Academic Research and Writing, Intercultural Understanding, Communications and Media, and International Relations. Current research activities include China's Belt and Road Initiative, China Australia Relations, Geo-economics and Geo-politics and International Education Partnerships.

            A contributor and commentator for China International Radio (CRI), China Plus website and App and CGTN, Digby has enjoyed a 25 year career in Media and Communications winning many awards and working for leading corporations and government.

            For the online classes Digby will be introducing students to three areas of Academic study.

            1.Academic English with an emphasis on oral skills and presentation.

            Mon 10:00-12:00


            2.Intercultural Understanding with a focus on critical thinking, analysis of new media and emerging entertainment platforms and globalisation trends.

            Tue 10:00-12:00


            3.Politics and history study zooming in on the Belt and Road, global connectivity and China’s increasing importance in globalisation, climate change and industrial digitalisation and digital industrialisation. 

            Wed 14:00-16:00


            Jeffrey Soden

            Jeffrey studied Sanskrit at San Francisco State University and studied with both Swami Premananda (PHD from Varanasi), and Swami Satyananda. With Swami Satyananda he has contributed to more than 21 books, many have been both on Apple and Google stores as apps. 

            Jeffrey is a retired systems programmer working for the country of alameda for 32 years. Trained by IBM,Microsoft, Wang, etc.  He has worked in all areas of computing;, computer operations support, Admin, Data base (big data), GIS, web infrastructure.

            Jeffrey has been a Photographer since he was a young child. Shooting both film and digital. In fact he still washes his own film while processing digital images on his computer.  He got involved with the technical side because of his computer background and his interest in all things light related.

            For the online classes Jeffrey will be introducing students to three areas of Academic study.

            1.Computer technology (understanding how computers work and understanding how we got to where we are today) Computer basics. The focus of this course is how a computer functions, what it does with commands issued from the programming languages. How computers developed from the first punch cards to today.

            Mon 10:00-12:00

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            2.Photographic technology (understanding how cameras work and how we got to where we are today)The focus of this course is how a cameras functions, what it does with images and how it processes them. How cameras developed from the camera obscura to today.

            Mon 14:00-16:00

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            3.Sanskrit grammar/alphabet etc. This course studies Sanskrit alphabet and basic grammar. Since The Sanskrit alphabet (Devanagri) is also used by Hindi an Urdu, we will cover those as well.

            Tue 10:00-12:00

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